WMPTSE - How to change the plug-in properties

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Software Needed[edit]



  • This guide assumes that you have already downloaded and installed Windows Media Player and WMPTSE.
  • This guide instructions and pictures are taken from WMP v9.0 but are valid for newer version.


  • Launch Windows Media Player.
  • Make the menu visible by pressing Alt or cliking the Show menu bar button (or WMP v11.0 only, right click in WMP window)
  • Open Tools menu
Tools menu
  • Open the Plug-ins submenu and select Options...
Tools->Plug-ins menu with Option selected
  • In Category select Background. (if you have properly installed WMPTSE, it should be visible in the list on the right)
Tools->Background plug-in list
  • On the left, select WMPTagSupportExtender Plugin (without unchecking it, click on his name) and click the Properties button
Tools->WMPTSE selected in the plug-in list, showing the Properties button
  • The WMPTagSupport property box is displaying
Tools->WMPTSE selected in the plug-in list, showing the Properties button
  • When you have finished, click on the "OK" button to confirm your changes, or "Cancel" to keep the old ones...


  • Auto-refresh tags behavior :
* When WMP starts : a complete scan of you WMPTSE'd files will be done on WMP launch
* When adding a file in Media Library : when a file is added in the ML, its tag are scanned
* When browsing Media Library : each time you browse your library, a scan is done
* When adding a file in "Now Playing" : each time you add a file in the "Now Playing" play list

  • Enable/disable Write : check the Allow write to be able to edit your files tags directly in WMP
* Allow auto-tagging on untagged files : 
  will add a tag header for the format ("APEv2", "Vorbis") corresponding to the file type (".ape", ".ogg"), 
  allowing edit of 'virgin' files
* Add tag type if not already present : 
  will add the necessary tag type ("Album", "Artist", "Year") if they aren't already present in the file

  • Refresh Now button : click here to force a complete scan of the library by hand

Addtional Reading[edit]