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This is really a Columns UI kinda thing...

Public Columns UI setups

Now Playing Animations[edit]

These are strings that use %playback_time_seconds% (%_time_elapsed_seconds%) to do some work.

Note: The following may not view correctly because of wiki formatting and user fonts.


Fade to a new color $blend($rgb(0,0,0),$rgb(255,255,255),%playback_time_seconds%,%length_seconds%)
Rotate between different levels of blue $blend($rgb(0,0,255),$rgb(255,255,255),$mod(%playback_time_seconds%,5),16))
Basic $select($add($mod(%playback_time_seconds%,4),1), | , ∕ ,─, \)



Usage: replace the $mod parameter by the number of frames, and $select with a row of the table. Some animations will only work with certain fonts, some can be improved by changing fonts. Note: We add 1 to the $mod because $select counts from 1 while $mod counts from 0.

Additional Reading[edit]