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* My current audio player, and tagger, and organizer... is [[MediaMonkey]].
* My current audio player, and tagger, and organizer... is [[MediaMonkey]].
* My encoding of choice:
* My encoding of choice:
** [[Lossless]]: [[FLAC]] ''(I am seriously considering LA and WavPack at this point...)''
** [[Lossless]]: [[FLAC]] ''(I am seriously considering [[Lossless Audio]] and [[WavPack]] at this point...)''
** [[Lossy]]:
** [[Lossy]]:
*** On my PC: [[Lancer]] 20051221 -q 2
*** On my PC: [[Lancer]] 20051221 -q 2

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First things first: I was born in 1977, so please work out my age yourself heh heh :-)

Okay, now that's behind me... um, I live in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I am familiar with computers since 11 y.o. (with videogames since 5 y.o. but that's a whole different story).

My first exposure to the world of Digital Audio is when CDs are first created. Later on I got to know MP3. Never knew it's not the best compression, until I stumbled upon Xiph.org. Then I found HydrogenAudio.

Don't know how to contribute to the HA society (and don't have time to do many listening tests, yet. Heck I work from 07:00am until 01:00am, mind you), I decided to dabble in this Wiki thingy :-) Hope my contributions are welcomed.

Oh and some more details about me:

  • Not married. Currently. Working on it.
  • Musics I like: Bryan Adams. Lately Cake & Linkin Park. And Fort Minor. And also Nelly and Ciara ('courtesy' of my love).
  • I don't really like FPS games. Or RTS games. Gimme Adventure & Simulations every time :-)
  • I program in Pascal, Assembly, then Delphi. Sometimes do VB.Net.
  • My knowledge of C is basic. C++ even less.
  • My Yahoo!Messenger ID is dog_man_1977.
  • My current audio player, and tagger, and organizer... is MediaMonkey.
  • My encoding of choice:
  • I have one dog. (Actually two, but the other one my brother claimed. Oh well... he can have the demon dog)
  • A photo of me can be found at: Photobucket

Finally, feel free to yap at me through PM at HA Forums or my discussion page.