Rubyripper and OggOpus

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This page describes how to securely rip audio cds to the lossy compression format Opus on GNU/Linux operating systems.

Software Needed

For Ubuntu-based systems rubyripper is available from the addon repository GetDeb. After setting up your system to use that repository you can conveniently install via package manager. Otherwise compile from source following the instructions given in the README file delivered with the code tarball.
Get it via package manager from your distributor's standard repositories if you're using something like Ubuntu 12.10 or later already. Otherwise install from source.
Not strictly necessary but you may want to be able to rip to images with cue sheet and detect pregaps and pre-emphasis. cdrdao should be available from your distribution's default package repositories.


  1. Look up the reading offset of your CD-ROM drive in AccurateRip offset database. (Command line tool lshw may help you find out what cd drive you have.)
  2. Click "Preferences" and insert the drive offset.
  3. Go to the "Codecs" tab and tick the "Other" box (and maybe untick other boxes like the preselected "Vorbis" box). (You may or may not need to "create m3u playlist" files...)
  4. Enter the path to the Opus encoder followed by --bitrate 160 -o "%o.opus" %i in the field behind the "Other" box.
  5. Enter a cd into the drive and then "Rip cd now!".

After the ripping process is finished you'll find the files in a subfolder inside your home directory.