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MPEG-1 Audio Layer III HD, more commonly known and advertised by its abbreviation mp3HD, is an audio compression codec developed by Technicolor formerly known as Thomson.[1] It achieves lossless data compression, and is backwards compatible with the MP3 format by storing two data streams in one file.[2]

As of April 2013, the mp3HD website, specification and encoder software are no longer available, and promotion of the format appears to have been abandoned.


So far, the only available mp3HD encoder is the Technicolor toolkit which contains a command-line encoder and decoder. This can be used with Exact Audio Copy to rip CDs to WAV and then automatically convert them to mp3HD files. Another method, only available for Windows is the mp3HD Converter, which converts already uncompressed WAV to mp3HD and can also decompress them back to WAV. Currently mp3HD supports CD audio (PCM) at 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates at 16 bit/sample.[3]

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