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* [[Lossless_comparison|Lossless Codec Comparison]] originally by Rjamorim
* [[Lossless_comparison|Lossless Codec Comparison]] originally by Rjamorim
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Lossless Predictive Audio Compression (LPAC) is a legacy lossless audio format.

Created by Tilman Liebchen at the Technische Universität Berlin, it was maintained until 2003 when it was selected as basis for the development of MPEG-4 ALS Audio Lossless coding (released in 2006).

LPAC was at one point relatively popular among lossless formats, as an encoder/decoder was available free of charge (for noncommercial purposes, and closed-source) for Windows, Linux and Solaris, along with a library that made integration of LPAC encoding and decoding into other applications relatively easy. The website offered instructions for Exact Audio Copy integration. LPAC was also much more efficient and featureful than the major lossless audio format of the 1990s, Shorten.

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