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 It is suggested that the compiles available here are used with the Recommended LAME Settings

List of recommended LAME compiles

This list will be kept up to date with the current LAME compiles that are recommended for use for optimal quality and will keep track of any developmental compiles released on this site.

The currently recommended LAME version: 3.97 beta 2

Download (556 KB - Win32 compile including lame_enc.dll and lameACM)

Download (265 KB - LameDropXPd: easy to use drag'n'drop LAME frontend for Windows)

Download (131 KB - Linux x86 static compile)

Download (192 KB - MacOS X compile)

You can also finds compiles for several other operating systems (Solaris, BSD, HP-UX, etc.) at RareWares MP3 page


You can obtain them directly at the LAME project's page at Sourceforge.

Download here (1.3 MB).

Additional reading: