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The H-series is a series of portable harddisk based audio player created by Korean company iRiver.


Common features[edit]

These features are common for all players in the H-series:

  • Supports playback of MP3, WMA, ASF, and WAV
  • USB 2.0
  • FM Radio
  • Microphone/dictaphone
  • Real-time encoding to MP3
  • H100 and H300 series support Ogg Vorbis


The H100-series consist of the H110, H120 and H140, with capacities of 10GB, 20GB and 40GB respectively.

  • Digital optical-in/out
  • Microphone/line-in recording in .wav or MP3 format

With the open source Rockbox firmware, the H100 series also has the following features:

  • User can switch back to the original firmware at boot time
  • FLAC and WavPack support
  • True gapless playback
  • ReplayGain support on some formats
  • Crossfade
  • On-the-fly playlist
  • Speech menus and directories (Talkbox) for visually impaired users
  • No WMA support, user must switch back to original firmware to decode WMA.


The H300 series includes the H320 and the H340, which are 20 GB and 40 GB, respectively. The H300 series is available in a North American version and an international version, with some slight differences noted below. The H300 line has been discontinued.

  • 2" Color TFT screen
  • FM Recording
  • USB On The Go (international models only)
  • DRM capability (North American models only)
  • Video playback supported at 10 FPS (international models only. North American models can be modified to support video playback by upgrading to international firmware 1.25 or higher; however, installation of international firmware will permanently disable DRM support)

H10 Series[edit]

  • Available in 5 GB, 6 GB and 20 GB models
  • Play for sure compatible
  • Color screen

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