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  1. All messages express the views of the author, and are not and should not be taken as representative of the official policies of Hydrogenaudio or the views of its staff, unless explicitly stated as such by the authoritative members of the staff.
  2. All members, at the staff's discretion, must participate in an acceptable fashion to be allowed the privilege of continued participation.
  3. All members must acknowledge and accept that data integrity is not the liability of the Hydrogenaudio staff. Those who do not accept this should not contribute any content whatsoever to the Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase (HAK).
  4. The Hydrogenaudio community requires that all members provide a valid email address. This email address will only be used for user account validation and activities directly related to the features of this community, and will never be given to any third party.
  5. All members that contribute to the HAK must acknowledge and discuss only acceptable topics when contributing to the HAK.
  6. All members must acknowledge the authority of the staff insofar as administrative actions are concerned. These issues are no longer open for discussion once the staff member has indicated that the matter is closed. Further concerns regarding an action should be communicated via a private message to the staff member, and not repeatedly discussed publicly. Furthermore, once a particular topic has been closed or removed and indicated as being unacceptable by a staff member, starting the exact same topic will result in administrative action being taken against the poster.
  7. All members that put forth a statement concerning subjective sound quality, must -- to the best of their ability -- provide objective support for their claims. Acceptable means of support are double blind listening tests (ABX or ABC/HR) demonstrating that the member can discern a difference perceptually, together with a test sample to allow others to reproduce their findings.
    Graphs, non-blind listening tests, waveform difference comparisons, and so on, are not acceptable means of providing support.
  8. All members must refrain from posting links to -- or information regarding how to obtain -- copyrighted or illegal material. Discussion containing information of how to obtain such material, how to bypass protection methodologies of such material, or how to otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters will not be tolerated, and participating members may be subject to administrative action.
  9. All members must contribute in English. User profile information in other languages is allowed.
  10. All members are only allowed to have a single user account with the HAK. Members who are found to violate this rule may be subject to immediate banishment or other administrative action.