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foosic music database[edit]

This page contains options related to the foosic client.

foosic music database preferences page

Options on this page[edit]


This section contains input fields for the username and password of your foosic account. The Register button opens the foosic account registration page in your default browser (requires internet connection).


Submit playback information[edit]

This option enable sending of playback information to the server. There is at most one UDP packet sent per song played.

Submit only items from the medial library[edit]

This restricts the client to only sending playback information for items that are contained in the media library.

Include FooID audio fingerprint[edit]

This options makes the client send a FooID audio fingerprint along with the metadata if possible. In the current version, this fingerprint is always computed on demand and not cached. Computing the fingerprint usually takes two or three seconds.

View failed submissions[edit]

Clicking this button opens a list with songs that could not be submitted due to having insufficient metadata. The failure reason is included in the list.


This section shows some information while the foosic client is preparing and sending data to the server.


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