Foobar2000:Metadata Compatibility 1.1.6 changes

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To improve the interoperability between foobar2000 and other media players, foobar2000 v1.1.6 offers the following changes to metadata handling:

  • ID3:
    • foobar2000 writes "AC/DC" as a single artist into ARTIST field of ID3v2.3 tags, instead of writing two artists "AC" and "DC". This is a special hack around the ID3 specification specially for "AC/DC".
    • The ALBUM ARTIST field is mapped to the ID3v2 TPE2 (BAND) frame in compliance with WMP/iTunes.
    • ID3v2.3 tags are now written by default, without unsynchronization.
    • Improved reading of tags written by alpha versions of LAME.
    • foobar2000 links the iTunes ITUNESCOMPILATION tag to the ALBUM ARTIST tag. In case an ITUNESCOMPILATION tag is found in a file, foobar2000 treats it as if ALBUM ARTIST was set to "Various Artists".
  • WMA:
    • Support added for multi-value fields in WMA.

To benefit from these changes, users have to reload the metadata from the relevant files. This can be done by selecting the files in the Media Library or Playlist, and opening the context menu (right mouse button) while holding down the shift key to show additional options. From the menu select Tagging->Reload Info from file(s) to reload the info of the selected files.