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Download Page

All programs mentioned anywhere in the wiki can be downloaded here.

CD ripping software

Encoders, Decoders etc.

All basic tools needed to make use of the audio formats supported here.


Ogg Vorbis

Currently, all recommended Ogg Vorbis utilities are available at the Rarewares Ogg Vorbis page. The following tools are important:

  • Oggenc2.3
A command-line Ogg Vorbis encoder that can be used with most CD rippers.
  • OggDec
Command-line decoder.
  • OggDropXPd
A (very cute-looking) drag'n'drop encoder/decoder with support for automatic tagging, renaming and playlist creation on encoding.
  • Encoding DLLs
DLLs that can be used for encoding within CDex or WinLame.
  • VorbisGain
The Replaygain utility for Ogg Vorbis.

Musepack (MPC)

Drivers (ASPI etc.)

Tagging utilities