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Open-source multiplatform DAW
Developer(s) Paul Davis
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release 0.99
Preview release 2.00b9
Operating system Linux, Mac OS/X
Additional information
Use Digital Audio Workstation
License GPL


Ardour is a complete Digital Audio Workstation similar to Pro-Tools, Nuendo, and Logic.



  • Designed to work with JACK, ALSA on Linux and Core Audio on OS X.
  • Internal chip sets and most external sound cards supported
  • Sample data is maintained internally in 32-bit floating point format
  • Multichannel recording and mixing
  • Partial support for VSTi's
  • Support for over thirty different audio codecs
  • Utilization of custom audio file database manager


  • Mixing realies directly on the hardware and automated plugins


  • Timeline layout with trimming, crossfading, time-stretching, and splitting


  • Integration with JACK makes mastering with tools like JAMin possible


  • LADSPA support for over 100 DSP effects including, simple filters, analog flangers, and multiband EQ's.


  • Open-source nature allows the DAW to be ported to multiple platforms including Mac OS/X.


  • Main window this is a screenshot of Ardours main application window

Development API[edit]

Getting Involved[edit]

Ardour is written entirely in C++. The GUI is written using the gtkmm C++ wrapper. The application contains 160,000 lines of code, including 3rd party development efforts. Ardour makes heavy use of libsigc++ as a way to provide anonymous coupling between various application components.

MIDI Support[edit]

The lastest version supports limited MIDI timestamp codes, etc.

External links[edit]

  • Ardour official website of the new digital audio workstation