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aoTuV is an abbreviation for Aoyumi's Tuned Vorbis; it is third-party development/tuning of the Vorbis encoder.

aoTuV versions improves significantly on Vorbis quality: Most people agree aoTuV beta 4 (and newer) achieves transparency at -q 5.

The HA-recommended version is aoTuV Release 1 (which is actually a re-branded aoTuV beta 4.51 after undergoing extensive peer review). It improves further on low bit-rate, to such extent that some reports -q 1 (approximately 80 kbps) is good enough for streaming.

The latest version is aoTuV beta 5, which improves the low bit-rate quality in relation to Noise normalization without sacrificing compression ratio. This version is currently undergoing peer-review at Hydrogenaudio.

See Recommended Ogg Vorbis page for more details.